DATE: 2017-02-01 00:00:00
"Ok, I want you to walk back in there and very calmly, very politely tell the risk-assessors to fuck-off."
"Gentlemen, I just spoke with Mark Baum and he says to 'fuck off'."

"I want to buy swaps on mortgage bonds. A credit default swap that pays off if the underlying bond fails."
"You want to bet against the housing market?"
"Why? Those bonds only fail if millions of Americans don't pay their mortgages. That's never happened in history. If you'll forgive me, Dr. Burry, it seems like a foolish investment."
"Well, based on prevailing sentiment, the market, the banks and popular culture, yes, it's a foolish investment. But, everyone's wrong."

"I don't get it. Why are they confessing?"
"They're not confessing."
"They're bragging."

"Hey... excuse me! Let me ask you this: What company treats its customers that shittily and succeeds?........Fine... ok... Goldman..."

"If the mortgage bonds were the match, then the CDOs were the kerosene soaked rags, then the synthetic CDO was the atomic bomb that the drunk President holding his finger over the button, it was at that moment in that dumb restaurant, with that stupid look on his face that Mark Baum realized the whole world economy might collapse."

"In the years that followed, hundreds of bankers and rating-agency executives went to jail. The SCC was completely overhauled, and Congress had no choice but to break up the big banks and regulate the mortgage and derivative industries. Just kidding! Banks took the money the American people gave them, and used it to pay themselves huge bonuses, and lobby the Congress to kill big reform. And then they blamed immigrants and poor people, and this time even teachers! And when all was said and done, only one single banker went to jail this poor schmuck!"

ANSWER: The Big Short (2015)